When you really see me, you can then get to know me and you’ll able to teach me – my philosophy of See Me, Know Me, Teach Me in a nutshell.

The name for this confidence coaching model and social and emotional support program came from a Pinterest board I created years ago as I explored well-being and social and emotional development within my learning space. Relationship building has always been my focus. As an educator, my belief is that in order to teach each child within a classroom, you firstly need to see each child and get to know who they are and how they learn.

See Me not only refers to educators and families paying attention to every child as an individual, but noticing themselves too. When children can see themselves authentically, and in a positive light, they are encouraged to be their best self.

Know Me connects with each and every person’s heart. What makes them tick, what their likes and dislikes are, what skills they have and what challenges they have faced. Everyone desires to be seen and everyone benefits if we know the people around us. It all starts with knowing ourselves. When we understand ourselves we can be in a better position to know and respect others.

For a child to engage in the Teach Me stage, strategies that connect with individual learning styles and respond to unique personality traits ensure that each child’s potential is met. Happy, healthy and confident kids learn and grow every day.